Tongue n Groove boards are unique. Unlike most engineered timbers, which are made of layers of ply under a timber facade, Tongue n Groove products are comprised of three layers of solid European oak.

Using state-of-the-art engineering methods, the layers are bonded together to provide exceptional stability and durability. Our unequalled solid 6mm wear layer, allows you to re-sand the board as many times as a traditional solid timber floor.


Comprising three layers of solid European oak, Tongue n Groove floorboards offer a number of advantages over traditional engineered wood. First and foremost are its incredible strength and durability, and its resistance to warping and cupping. Moreover, from floors to stairs and walls to ceilings, it is extremely versatile and can be used over a variety of surfaces including timber, concrete and acoustically treated floors; even heated concrete flooring is suitable.

They are also available in the Massivo collection where we can produce boards up to 360mm in width and up to 5m in length. And with secret nailing and precision end matching, you are guaranteed a sleek, seamless finish every time.

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We are very proud of our diverse portfolio of works. Thanks to our superior product, we have been asked to collaborate with myriad practitioners across many sectors, from residential and hospitality to the corporate world. Our Otta Parquet flooring has been used to impress clients in CBRE’s George Street office whilst our Vecchio board appears in both The Balmain Hotel and Chiswick Restaurant in Sydney’s east. Further south in Adelaide, our beautiful Alpacca Eterno boards grace the floors of the swanky Mayfield Hotel bar. But these are just a few examples of where and how we are bringing added luxe to Australia’s design projects. Scroll through the projects section (below) to see for yourself.

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