Nothing compares to the character and patina of European oak. We love the story that each plank of oak tells of the tree it came from, the diversity in colour and finishes that can be achieved with its neutral undertones, and the natural texture of the grain you can feel as you walk across it with bare feet.

At Tongue n Groove, our passion for oak goes beyond appearances. We believe products shouldn’t just look good, they should perform well. While most engineered floors only feature a solid oak veneer, we believe a quality floorboard should be solid oak the whole way through.

We don’t compromise and layer our European oak with other materials, instead, we chose to develop a new standard of timber flooring with three cross-laminated layers of solid European oak. Our unique floorboards combine the strength of solid hardwoods with the innovation of an engineered structure to create a category of its own.

Explore the options made possible through our new structure – greater size, quality, stability and strength. All with the structural integrity to last a lifetime.

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Comprising three layers of solid European oak, Tongue n Groove floorboards offer a number of advantages over traditional engineered timber. First and foremost is their incredible strength and durability, and resistance to warping and cupping. Moreover, from floors to stairs and walls to ceilings, it is extremely versatile and can be used over a variety of surfaces including timber, concrete and acoustically treated floors; even heated concrete flooring is suitable.

Our structure provides the stability to produce boards up to 360mm in width and up to 5m in length. And with secret nailing options and precision end matching, you are guaranteed a sleek, seamless finish every time.

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We are very proud of our diverse portfolio of works. We work with Australia’s leading architects, designers, builders and installers who appreciate the integrity of our product and the longevity of the materials they work with.

Through a collaborative approach, we take the time to understand our client’s needs and vision and assist in choosing the best timber products for their projects. Our offering and experience enable us to work across multiple sectors including residential, commercial, hospitality and education. We invite you to explore our projects below.

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