At Tongue n Groove, we are passionate about oak. We love its character, its patina and the elegance it bestows upon each and every project. It is this passion, along with feedback from the market, which inspired us to create a completely new type of engineered timber.

Most engineered wood is just layers of ply under a timber facade whereas our product is fashioned from three layers of solid European oak, bonded together using state-of-the-art engineering methods. This gives our customers one of the strongest boards on the market – unrivalled in terms of size, strength, flexibility of use, stability and quality.

However, it isn’t just our boards’ superior quality that has caught our clients’ attention, it’s our aesthetic appeal too. Working with some of Australia’s leading architects and designers, we have created an inspired palette of colours and finishes, all treated with natural oil to allow for easy maintenance. Moreover, since coming to market with this product, we have been commissioned by various practitioners up and down the country to collaborate on a diverse range of projects – both residential and commercial. Take a look at our project section to see some of our work.


At Tongue n Groove, we’re focused on ensuring the environmental viability of our oak timber. We want to ensure that oak as a responsibly managed, renewable resource can be appreciated by present and future generations to come. So, we work hard to implement best-practice principles in waste and emission minimisation, recycling and sustainability. We partner with suppliers who share similar values to us to ensure that our range is sustainably sourced and environmentally sound.

Given that our boards are engineered using three layers of solid European oak, the efficiency of using slow-growing top layer timbers is far greater than that used for solid floors. Furthermore, engineered floors usually factor 7% waste compared with 10-15% waste produced from a solid floor installation.

Tongue n Groove floors are provided pre-finished with a brushed surface. The surface is either treated with natural UV oil or a hard wax oil, consisting of absolutely pure, renewable raw materials and is bio-degradable. Some surfaces are treated with a water-based matt lacquer, which provides commercial durability.

As our boards are supplied pre-finished, there are far lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions released once installed compared with on-site finishing. Our pre-finished, solid engineered European oak boards also lead to a much reduced installation time, resulting in a much happier and healthier environment.

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